James Woods Just Watched Hillary’s Latest Video: “New Teeth, Another Facelift, Vodka Afternoon Glow… She’s Running!”

Actor and conservative powerhouse James Woods watched Hillary’s latest video and he’s got a theory…

He believes she’s running again

This theory has been floating around for 4 years now – but seriously, a lot of big names have said the same thing, namely Steve Bannon, who said it’s not a question of “if” she runs, it’s “when” she announces it.

Here’s what James Woods said about the new Hillary video in a tweet: “New teeth, another facelift, Vodka afternoon glow… She’s running!”

Ha ha! I love his observation – and he’s spot-on.

She does have a spiffy new pair of teeth, her skin has been sand-blasted and tightened and she’s got that “Grey Goose” glow about her.

You have to ask yourself…why would she be doing all of this?

For Bill?

Please 🤣  she hates that old rapist more than we do.

In the video below Hillary claims that country’s run by women did better handling “COVID” than the country’s run by men.

You can watch the video below:

Let’s face it, Biden is a mess. They can’t even hide his “dementia” at this point.


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