NEWS Report: Barr Just Announced DOJ Has Opened 500+ Cases Into Violent Rioters…And He’s Just Getting Started

if your a Democrat rioter, Bill Barr wants you to know he’s got his commie butt-kicking boots on and he’s ready to roll 😎

President Trump and the DOJ are not just sitting back on their heels while the Democrat Mob attacks our cities and citizens.

The Democrat city officials might be turning a blind eye, allowing the crime wave to continue in hopes that it will help their chances of winning 2020 by causing fear and chaos and preventing people from getting out to vote, but President Trump and his AG William Barr and working fast and furious to get these violent offenders off the streets, charged and put in the slammer.

As a matter of fact, Barr just announced that the DOJ has opened more than 500 cases against these violent Demcroat rioters.

From The Federalist

United States Attorney General William Barr announced that the Department of Justice is leading over 500 investigations into the destruction caused by riots across the country. Barr explained the reason for the investigations on Sen. Ted Cruz’s podcast “The Verdict.”

“We’ve had scores of indictments so far for such things as arson, destruction of federal property,” Barr said. “We have right now about 500 investigations underway, so it’s picking up pace. We are committed to holding accountable the people who engaged in this.”

Barr explained the reason for the increase in investigations is heavily associated with the lack of response by other levels of government.

“That’s where the burden is right now, on state and local, and in many places, they’re not stepping up to the plate, they’re not doing their job,” said Barr.

Barr also suggested that many of these riots were protests that were infiltrated by “provocateurs and agitators” with some even having associations to Antifa.

“We are seeing strong evidence of coordination in many of these violent episodes,” he explained.

This announcement comes on the heels of President Trump’s recent “Monument EO,” that allows the feds to arrest anyone defacing or trying to tear down a federal statue or monument and have them face a possible decade behind bars.

That plan is already working. Once the EO was announced and POTUS shared “FBI Wanted Posters” on his Twitter, the mob finally backed down and stopped attacking monuments.


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