[VIDEO] Betsy DeVos Feeds Petulant Child Chris Wallace His School Lunch During Fiery Interview

Open up Chrissy, Betsy has a spoonful of FACTS for you to swallow 🤣

Chris Wallace has lost his touch.

Now, instead of appearing like a no-nonsense bipartisan hard-hitting journalist, he seems like a hysterical Shep Smith clone.

He’s unserious, like most people with Stage 5 TDS.

Wallace decided to show his cards to everyone and now we know exactly who he is and what his agenda is…and so does everyone who goes on his show.

That’s why when Betsy DeVos appeared, she was waiting for the petulant little Chrissy Wallace to start his hysterics, and when he did, she was good and ready for him.

From Bizpacreview

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos tried to “school” Fox News host Chris Wallace this Sunday on the fact that the issue of whether to reopen schools this fall is one of the health of students vs the health of students, not “health vs something else.”

“We know that kids are suffering with many mental issues. We know that kids are suffering with social-emotional learning issues,” she explained during a lengthy discussion with Wallace on Fox News’ “Fox News Sunday.”

“We know that kids from vulnerable populations and homes have been suffering by not being in school and by not continuing their learning. All of those are measures that have to be weighed along with the risk of a virus, and we know again from the data that kids don’t get this virus the same way adults do.”

Those were the facts.

You can watch the video below:

The left wants to destroy kids over a virus with a 0.05% death rate that has little to no impact on them. My God, H1N1 was killing young people like crazy…Do you recall natuonal debates about yanking kids out of school for the rest of their lives?


The left will do anything to try and win in November.

Now that the riots have basically sputtered out, they’re back full-force on the COVID situation, even though the death toll just keeps dropping.


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