[VIDEO] Dem Rep Sits Stone-Faced as Barr Cracks Up Laughing at Her Ridiculous Line of Questioning

You can see the contempt and anger just oozing off her puckered face

Yesterday’s house Judiciary Hearing was a complete clown show.

And I am not even talking about the usual “Democrat Clown Show” – they really went for the GOLD this time, turning the hearing with William Barr into one of the most embarrassing displays of desperation you’ll ever see.

The Dems weren’t even asking Mr. Barr questions. It sounded more like the Spanish Inquisition filled with hysterical “gotcha questions.”

It got so incredibly silly, that at one point while Rep. Madeline Dead from PA asked Barr an absurd line of questions, he busted out laughing.

It was great to see, because you hardly ever see quiet and controlled Barr laugh like this.

And what made it even better was how incredibly pissed Ms. Dean was…she just sat there stone-faced and bitter.

You can watch the video below:

At this point, the Dems are so ridiculous and over the top, all you can do is laugh at them.

Barr handled himself like a true champ. He really got under the Dems skin, so “mission accomplished.”


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