[VIDEO] Liberal Activist and Actress Angelina Jolie Agrees With Trump…We Need to Get Our Kids Back in School

President Trump is pushing hard to get our nation’s children back to school.

And why shouldn’t he?

The death rates are plummeting, testing is soaring (so more cases are being reported) but the great news is that 99.7% of the people who catch COVID (I was one of them!) will be fine. Over 85% won’t even have a single symptom, and children are even less susceptible than adults, according to recent studies.

The media has done a very good job of scaring the ever-loving-crap out of everyone so that now when you hear the word “COVID” or “CORONA” you instantly think it’s a “death sentence.”

That couldn’t be farther from the truth…but that fear has stuck with a lot of people.

So, as President Trump fights like hell to get our kids back in school this fall, Dems are – of course – battling him. They want to keep this pandemic going. It’s one of the tools they’re hoping will help get them into the White House this November.

However, Trump has found a rather unlikely ally in his fight to get kids back in the classroom…

None other than liberal activist and actress Angelina Jolie, who, like Trump, believes we need to get our kids back in school as soon as possible.

From Bizpacreview

Angelina Jolie issued a warning about the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on children who have been unable to go to school due to lockdowns.

The actress, filmmaker, and humanitarian called for action on the issue of distance learning during a round-table event for UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. The special envoy for UNHCR, the United Nations refugee agency, warned that COVID-19 has caused disruptions to education that could leave lasting effects on children.

“Children in all countries are struggling with the effects of COVID-19. An entire generation of children have had their education severely disrupted — over a billion children worldwide,” Jolie, who was part of the virtual round-table on education for refugees, said on Monday.

“We’re meeting today to discuss how to prevent this disruption from becoming permanent for millions of refugee children,” she continued, adding that refugee children were “twice as likely” as other children to be out of school even before the global pandemic.

You can watch the video below:


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