[VIDEO] Obama Tries to Portray Biden As a Powerful “World Leader” By Submissively Bowing Before Him

Is there anyone Obama won’t bow in front of?

Obama is pulling out all the tricks to try and make Biden look like he’s a powerful world leader instead of a confused, befuddled old man with dementia.

So, what does Obama do to try and make Biden look like a strong leader?

He bows in front of him, of course.

Obama loves submitting to men – he bowed his way all over the globe when he was president.


What a weak, feckless, and worthless leader Obama was – and Biden would be 10x worse.

You can watch the video below:

Obama is going to try and carry this old goof over the finish line and he’s not going to be able to do it.

He couldn’t even get Stacy Abrams or that meth-head Andrew Gillum over the finish line and he had Oprah there to help him.

Americans might “like” Obama as a person, but they don’t like or respect him as a politician.

We know Joe Biden has some form of “dementia,” and no amount of bowing is going to change that.


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