[VIDEO] Portland Mayor Makes Humiliating “Walk of Shame” Through City as Anarchists Cuss Him Out and Hurl Objects at Him

When you’re eaten alive by the very monsters you created….

How delicious is it to watch Portland’s disgraced and failed Mayor Ted Wheeler do the “walk of shame” through his city streets and be eaten alive by the very monsters that he created?

It’s very satisfying to see because for once these inept liberal mayors are forced to reap all the nasty garbage that they’ve sowed upon the rest of us.

Wheeler and his entourage of soy-soaked aids and staffers made their way through the commie streets of Portland and it looked like a scene straight out of “Game of Thrones,” where the peasants shouted “SHAME” and hurled objects at the “royalty.”

You can watch the videos below:

Nobody deserves it more than this guy – his failed and weak “leadership” has turned a once beautiful American city into a communist hell-hole.


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